Frequently asked questions

Where are Lux Dent products manufactured?

The products are manufactured in Germany under German regulations to ensure best quality products for you and your family.

Why Lux Dent Tooth Gel?

Our tooth gel is produced according to German quality standards, resulting in an award winning formula.

What stands 7in1 for on the Lux Dent tube?

7in1 decribes all the benefits to your dental health by our tooth gel

  1. Caries protection
  2. Soft cleansing
  3. Tartar protection
  4. Gum care
  5. Cervical caries protection
  6. Fresh breath
  7. Reminerlizes the enamel

Do your products contain fluoride?

Yes, our 7in1 product contains 1450 mg fluoride and our Lux Dent for children 500 mg. The WHO recommends 1000-1500 mg in a tooth gel in order to ensure healthy theeth.

How safe is natrium fluoride?

Natrium fluoride is recommended by the WHO and the Euopean/German dentist association.

Does Lux Dent contain alcohol?

None of the Lux Dent tooth gels contain alcohol.

How often should I use Lux Dent tooth gel?

Use Lux Dent as your daily tooth gel, brushing twice a day, every day. With Lux Dent, you can also get the benefits of fluoride and fresh breath to help you maintain healthy and clean teeth.

Does Lux Dent tooth gel help prevent cavities?

Yes, all Lux Dent products contain fluoride, which helps to protect against cavities when you brush twice a day, every day.

Is tooth gel the same as toothpaste?

Dental gel will not foam in your mouth like regular toothpaste. Though quality dental gel, such as Lux Dent can clean teeth and remove plaque better than toothpaste.

Can I use 7in1 for my children?

Yes, for children older than 6. For children blow 6 you can use our Lux DENT KIDS STRAWBERRY.

What to do if tooth gel is swallowed by accident?

If you swallowed accidentally larger amount, please get the advice of your doctor. Please keep Lux Dent 7in1 total care away from children under 6.